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Undue price competition in the insurance market
18.12.2012 16:02:01
Specialists note that over the past five years due to the sharp increase in the number of insurance companies and the relative decline of undeveloped segment competition in the insurance market of the country has tightened significantly. Insurance companies compete with each other to reach the existing market as well as for the development of its growing potential. Competition in the market is shown in terms of price as well as on non-price criteria.* >>>

Insurers earn 86.9 billion soums under contracts with legal entities
14.10.2011 09:42:24
Growth of the number of business entities in Uzbekistan, as well as increase of small and average businesses' profitability level, create favorable environment both for insurance companies and their clients in the acquisition of insurance coverage.* >>>

Volume of insurance premiums adds 42.1% in 1H 2011
14.10.2011 09:40:25
According to the preliminary data, the volume of insurance premiums in Uzbekistan in the first half of 2011 increased by 42.1% as against the same period of 2010 and made up 121.5 billion soums.* >>>

Insurance markets of Central Asia continue growing stably despite financial crisis
03.06.2010 13:37:50
Relatively low levels of unprofitableness in the insurance markets of the Central Asian region's countries, as well as high growth rates of economy of the region's some countries, are raising vastly the investment attractiveness of these countries' insurance spheres.* >>>

Volume of insurance payouts in Central Asia fall 1.4 times to $205 million in 2009
03.06.2010 13:35:59
The volume of insurance payouts in the Central Asian region unlike insurance premiums had a trend towards increase until 2009 and decreased by almost 43% in 2009 as compared with 2008 to comprise $205.4 million.* >>>

Insurance premiums in Central Asia decline 24% in 2009 to comprise $929.6 million
03.06.2010 13:34:31
As of the end of 2009, there were operating 110 insurance companies in the Central Asian region, 41 of them carrying out activity in Kazakhstan, 33 – Uzbekistan, 19 – Kyrgyzstan, 16 – Tajikistan, and 1 in Turkmenistan.* >>>

Uzbekistan insurance market: 2008 results
10.03.2009 17:17:58
At current stage of development of insurance market in Uzbekistan, formation of legislative base, which would meet modern realities and requirements, is continuing. Effective legislation is foundation of successful activity and further development of all spheres of society's life.* >>>

Average premium size per agreement grows three times
06.03.2009 11:30:45
Average premium size per agreement is increasing in insurance market of Uzbekistan for last several years. SAIPRO analysts said that the number of complex agreement, which include several types of insurance products, is growing.* >>>

Inbound reinsurance premiums exceed 5bn soums
27.02.2009 15:32:58
Volume of inbound reinsurance premiums, accepted by insurers of Uzbekistan in 2008, decreased by 16.7% to 5 billion soums, analysts of SAIPRO said.* >>>

Uzbek insurers accepted liabilities for 34.8 trln soums in 2008
25.02.2009 14:53:42
Insurance companies of Uzbekistan accepted liabilities for 34.8 trillion soums in 2008, which is up 19.2% compared to 2007 and twice much compared to 2004, specialists of SAIPRO said.* >>>

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  29.08.2017 05.09.2017
EUR/UZS 4966.88 9645.48
RUB/UZS 71.18 139.91
USD/UZS 4210.35 8100.00
Company Rating
Uzagrosugurta uzА++
Uzbekinvest uzА++
Agros Hayot uzА+
Asia Inshurans uzА+
Kapital Sugurta uzА+
4st quarter of 2014  
on premiums
Company Value
Uzagrosugurta 22.9%
Uzbekinvest 17.1%
Kafolat 11.8%
Kapital Sugurta 7.5%
Alskom 7.0%
on payouts
Company Value
Uzagrosugurta 23.0%
Uzbekinvest 18.5%
Uzbekinvest Hayot 14.1%
Kafolat 14.0%
Agro Invest Sugurta 8.1%
on quantity of agreements
Company Value
Uzbekinvest 55.9%
Uzagrosugurta 14.0%
Kafolat 7.2%
Kapital Sugurta 6.5%
Gross Insurance 4.6%

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