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Organizational legal form:
State joint-stock company

Address of headquarters:
5, Mustakillik square, Tashkent

(+998 71) 239 10 65, 239 11 01

(8 371) 239 10 66



SF No 00082 dated 7 .01.2008

All classes of insurance

About the company:
State Joint-Stock Insurance Company Uzagrosugurta has rich history and a long-term successful operational experience. The company is formed by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No UP 1713 dated 25.02.1997.

State Joint-Stock Insurance Company Uzagrosugurta is one of the largest universal insurance companies of Uzbekistan, effectively operating through a wide filial network, includes 13 regional representative offices, 174 regional and city branches and 20 branches of insurance agencies. Presence of the branched out filial network allows the Company to carry out insurance protection of property interests of customers practically in all territory of Uzbekistan.

SJSC Uzagrosugurta is the largest insurance company of Uzbekistan today and during the time of his work has saved up a wide experience in practice of insurance business.SJSC Uzagrosugurta is the unique insurance company in the republic specializing on insurance of risks in agriculture.
The basic shareholders of the company are: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Association Uzpahtasanoat, JSCB Pahta bank, SC Gallabank, Uzpromstrojbank, the company Diamond Age Russian Inv. Ltd .

Insurance services:
Insurance of cotton crops , cereal crops, gardens, olive cultures, vegetables, watermelons cultures, etc.;
Insurance of r reinoculation of agricultural cultures;
Insurance of cocoons;
Insurance of techniques leasing ;
Insurance of animals of legal and individual entities;
Cattle insurance;
Insurance of recurrence of advanced means on cultivation of fruit and vegetables, silkworm cocoons;
Insurance of a reflexivity of soft loans of commercial banks on a clap, on grain;
Insurance of agricultural manufacturer's liability for outstanding loan;
Insurance of all categories of credit;
Insurance of pledged property of agriculture producers;
Accident insurance;
Auditor's liability insurance;
Notary's liability insurance;
Medical insurance;
Health insurance;
Compulsory insurance of vehicle owner's liability;
Voluntary insurance of vehicle owner's liability;
Pledged property insurance;
Construction and assembly risk insurance;
Construction insurance;
House property insurance;
Enterprise's property insurance;
Insurance of assts of agriculture enterprises;
Cargo insurance;
Insurance against bankruptcy;
Motor insurance;
Judicial executor's liability insurance;
Insurance of soft loans given out for cattle purchase;
Transporter's liability insurance;
and others.

Regional network:
Karakalpakstan republic direction:
48, Tatibaev str., Nukus
phone: (8 361) 222 57 21

Andijan region direction:
126, Navoi square, Andijan
phone: (8 374) 225 12 80

Bukhara region direction:
14, A. Gijduvoniy str., Bukhara
phone: (8 365) 223 25 56

Djizzak region direction:
7, Zargarlik mahallasi str., Djizzak
phone: (8 372) 226 57 50

Kashkadarya region direction:
2, Mustakillik str., Karshi
phone: (8 375) 221 12 70

Navoi region direction:
29, Karshiev str., Karmana
phone: (8 436) 532 36 36

Namangan region direction:
9, Navoi str., Namangan
phone: (8 369) 226 45 10

Samarkand region direction:
51, Uzbekistan str., Samarkand
phone: (8 3662) 310 785

Surkhandarya region direction:
36а, Koshkariy str., Termez
phone: (8 376) 223 78 02

Sirdarya region direction:
53, Al-Khorazmiy str., Gulistan
phone: (8 367) 225 11 27

Fergana region direction:
13, Navoi str., Fergana
phone: (8 3732) 246 468

Khorezm region direction:
2B, A. Kodiriy str., Urgench
phone: (8 362) 226 75 04

Tashkent region direction:
18, Lutfiy str., Tashkent
phone: (8 371) 278 28 39

Insurance Agency AC Poytaxt Sugurta
1, Furkat str.,Tashkent
phone/fax: (8 371) 245 81 10, 245 87 95

  29.08.2017 05.09.2017
EUR/UZS 4966.88 9645.48
RUB/UZS 71.18 139.91
USD/UZS 4210.35 8100.00
Company Rating
Uzagrosugurta uzА++
Uzbekinvest uzА++
Agros Hayot uzА+
Asia Inshurans uzА+
Kapital Sugurta uzА+
4st quarter of 2014  
on premiums
Company Value
Uzagrosugurta 22.9%
Uzbekinvest 17.1%
Kafolat 11.8%
Kapital Sugurta 7.5%
Alskom 7.0%
on payouts
Company Value
Uzagrosugurta 23.0%
Uzbekinvest 18.5%
Uzbekinvest Hayot 14.1%
Kafolat 14.0%
Agro Invest Sugurta 8.1%
on quantity of agreements
Company Value
Uzbekinvest 55.9%
Uzagrosugurta 14.0%
Kafolat 7.2%
Kapital Sugurta 6.5%
Gross Insurance 4.6%

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