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"Insurance company Kafolat" pays 15.5bn soums of insurance compensations
07.09.2017 17:08:43
Timely execution of commitments under insurance contracts is one of the priority tasks of JSC "Insurance company Kafolat".* >>>

NEIIC Uzbekinvest makes 41.2bn soums in insurance premiums
29.08.2017 15:44:58
Representatives of NEIIC Uzbekinvest talked about insurance services provided by the company during the press conference. During the first half of 2017, the company provided 45 projects included in the Republican investment program with insurance protection for total sum of 10 trillion soums. The participants talked about the problems of the insurance industry.* >>>

IC LLC "O'zbekinvest Hayot"'s investments grow 157%
29.08.2017 15:44:13
The development of the life insurance market means the predominance of products with a funded component in the product line of life-companies. Payments to customers of additional amounts are possible through investment activities carried out by life insurers, including the Insurance Company O'zbekinvest Hayot.* >>>

Insurance in tourism development – protection of travelers and providing them with a full range of services
24.08.2017 15:36:15
Currently, Uzbekistan has developed a number of measures to actively promote tourism. IC LLC "O'zbekinvest Hayot" in light of the adopted legislation also plans its activity in the context of the envisaged events.* >>>

IC "O'zbekinvest Hayot" pays 17.4bn soums of compensations
15.08.2017 18:48:19
Life and health insurance are unique activities. Timeliness and completeness of fulfilment of commitments are one of the most important directions in the work of IC LLC "O'zbekinvest Hayot".* >>>

JSC "Insurance company Kafolat" establishes Council of Youth Union
15.08.2017 15:47:15
"Insurance company Kafolat" held a meeting with its young staff. The event was dedicated to the establishment of the Council of the Youth Union of the company and the close cooperation with the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan.* >>>

New product "Sarmoya" - life insurance with accumulation
10.08.2017 16:59:46
A long-term life insurance with accumulation has been gaining a popularity in recent years. This is achieved by combining insurance protection with investment opportunities on preferential terms. Meanwhile, IC LLC "O'zbekinvest Hayot" has introduced a new insurance product "Samyoa".* >>>

IC LLC "O'zbekinvest Hayot" collects 30 billion soums of premiums in 1st half-year
04.08.2017 14:53:44
Providing citizens with high-quality services for life and health insurance are a priority for IC LLC "O'zbekinvest Hayot". This segment is also one of the priorities of the national insurance market.* >>>

Tashkent set to host International Insurance and Reinsurance Forum in October
04.08.2017 14:53:04
Information-Rating Agency SAIPRO said it will hold regular X Tashkent International Insurance and Reinsurance Forum between 5 - 8 October 2017.* >>>

"Uzbekinvest" insurance premiums for compulsory insurance of civil liability exceed 3 billion soums
02.08.2017 18:14:42
Insurance market of our country shows a high growth rate. One of the leading companies in this industry, which makes a significant contribution to its development, is National Export-Import Insurance Company "Uzbekinvest". The company's branches offer various types of services throughout the country. One of the most popular types is vehicle insurance. According to information provided by the insurance company, 58,442 insurance policies were sold for the first half of this year.* >>>

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  29.08.2017 05.09.2017
EUR/UZS 4966.88 9645.48
RUB/UZS 71.18 139.91
USD/UZS 4210.35 8100.00
Company Rating
Kafolat uzА++
Uzbekinvest uzА++
Alskom uzА+
Asia Inshurans uzА+
Gross Insurance uzА+
4st quarter of 2014  
on premiums
Company Value
Uzagrosugurta 22.9%
Uzbekinvest 17.1%
Kafolat 11.8%
Kapital Sugurta 7.5%
Alskom 7.0%
on payouts
Company Value
Uzagrosugurta 23.0%
Uzbekinvest 18.5%
Uzbekinvest Hayot 14.1%
Kafolat 14.0%
Agro Invest Sugurta 8.1%
on quantity of agreements
Company Value
Uzbekinvest 55.9%
Uzagrosugurta 14.0%
Kafolat 7.2%
Kapital Sugurta 6.5%
Gross Insurance 4.6%

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